The Perfect Guide to Traveling With Your Dog

Taking your dog along with you and your family can make your trip more exciting and less stressful experience. Here are some tips to make your traveling easier.


Getting the perfect crate for your long trip ahead is one of the best decisions you can make as a dog owner. Not only will it make your drive easier but it will keep Fiddo from destroying your hotel or rental property while you are out with the kids. When searching for the perfect crate for traveling with your dog for these:

  • Large enough your dog can lay, turn around and stand up
  • Strong handle for easy carrying capability
  • Ventilation holes on each side of the crate for maximum airflow
  • Stock the crate with a dog matt and your pups favorite toys

Our favorite crate for traveling with our dogs is the Petmate Sky Kennel

Keeping Safe On Potty Breaks

Keeping our dogs safe and letting them relieve themselves is essential. So you should always make sure you have a great leash and collar. Make sure to always keep a picture and a copy of your dog’s health records on you. Just in case your dog manages to slip away on your watch. Most dogs these days are Microchipped but if your dog isn’t then it would be a good idea too especially if you are planning on traveling more then once!

Traveling By Car

  • Make sure you get your dog gets used to being in the car. Start off slowly just sitting in the car not going anywhere and that begin going on short rides.
  • Avoid giving your dog too many treats to avoid car sickness. But always be sure to have plenty of water ready
  • Don’t let your dog ride with his/her head hanging out of the vehicle
  • Stop often for potty breaks and let your dog stretch their legs
  • Be sure your children do not tease the dog while they are in the crate
  • Never leave your dog unattended in the car. If you must go somewhere leave someone behind to watch your dog!
  • Get a portable water bottle specifically for dogs

Flying With Dogs

  • Before you leave, plan a visit to the vet. You must have certification of health no more than 10 days before travel
  • Ask your veterinarian for their opinion if it would be best for your dog to be tranquilized for the trip
  • Remember that each airline has their own rules and regulations, check with your airline beforehand

Traveling By Bus Or Train

Only dogs under 20 lbs are permitted on Amtrak trains excluding service dogs for a fee of $20. It is important to note that dogs are not allowed on buses operated by Greyhound or interstate bus companies.

Best Products When Traveling With Your Dog

Tips For Places To Stay

  • Find out before you leave which hotels and motels allow dogs that are on the way to your destination
  • Do not leave your dog unattended. Remember this is an environment your dog is also not accustomed too
  • Remember that if something happens to the room because of Fiddo you will be responsible for the damages
  • Make sure electrical cords are up and out of the way
  • Ensure the previous guests didn’t leave hazardous things to dogs laying around

Rental Cars Traveling With Dogs

  • Check with the rental company if they allow dogs in the car
  • Be sure to clean the windows with glass cleaner
  • Vacuum or remove the dog hair from seats manually
  • Make sure to buckle in Fidos cage so he doesn’t accidentally slide around

Don’t forget you are on vacation and this is supposed to be stress-free! Our dogs can sense when we are stressed and it will stress them out. Just relax and refer back to these steps as many times as you need.

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