Must-have pet travel accessories

You have planned or packed, the big moment is finally exciting and approaching: the day you go on your trip. You have gotten your things together, but what about your lovely dog?

If it is your first time traveling with your dog, I have compiled the best products for traveling with your dog! You don’t need to bring a lot of special and extra travel things.

All you need are the things for traveling with your dog and could use on a daily basis at home—a leash is a good beginning point, plus a couple of travel-specific items whose presence will make your lives a whole lot very easily.

1. Carrier:


Whether you’re flying or traveling by car, you’ll want a pet carrier that your dog is comfortable being in for long period of time.

If you are flying with a dog in-cabin, it goes under your seat. If you are traveling with your dog in a car, you can put the seat belt around it for instant car safety. When you get to your targeted destination, it’s your dog’s familiar bed.

Plus, if your pet carrier has pockets, this is a great alternative to store smaller dog accessories. Think of it as your furry pet’s suitcase and their bed!

2. Collapsible Bowls


These usually come with a carabiner clip and collapse flat. It means you can attach them to a leash, put them in a small pocket, and hang them off a bag to dry. You can use a permanent marker to mark the quantity of food you normally feed your dog on the bowl before you travel, which eliminates the requirement to bring a measuring cup.

3. Poop Bags and Holder


When you are rushing around trying to pack, you are bound to forget some things. I prefer to dummy-proof this procedure by having a poop bag and holder attached to the leash. You can’t forget something that’s attached! It’s a good idea to get an extra roll or two of bags (shove them in the nooks and crannies of your luggage) so you don’t run out.

4. Bully Stick


This is something to keep your furry dog busy while you’re in transit. These can last a long or short amount of time that depends on your dog’s enthusiasm for chewing. Either way, they take little to no room in your luggage, and once your dog has completed, you don’t have to carry it anymore. They are also readily available at your lovely pet stores, so you can replenish along the way!

5. Mess Kit: Wipes, Towel, Cleaner, and Pee Pad

Poop happens. So do some other messes. Ensure that you are prepared to clean them up so you can easily move on to the fun parts of your trip!

6. Toy


Depending on your furry pet’s affinity for toys, you may be able to get away with just one or two. Bring only their lovely and favorite things. If your dog likes to play with stuffed toys but not fetch, just bring a stuffed toy. If they like both, get two. A toy is good because it is something that’s familiar and comfortable to your dog and it gives them something to do/cuddle.

7. Vaccination Papers/Health Certificate

It is usually a good idea to have a copy of your dog’s vaccinations, your vet’s contact details, and an emergency vet at your destination. Depending on where you are going with your furry pet, you may need a vet-issued health certificate. It is a good idea somewhere to keep a digital copy of all this, along with a copy on you and in your dog’s carrier if applicable.

8. Dog First Aid Kit


It doesn’t have to be extensive, but should involve basic wound treatments, flea preventatives, antibacterial cream, tweezers or a tick key, generic tablets of benadryl for bee stings, and any pet medications (and doctor prescriptions) that your dog needs. If your dog requires a special shampoo or other skin treatment, this is the best place to put it.

9. ID Tags


Make sure your dog’s ID tags are present with you! It is a good idea to get one for your dog’s carrier as well. If travelling internationally, you should include an email address and Skype or Google Voice number where you can be reached.

10. Waterproof Bag for Dog Food


Bring along as much of your furry pet’s food as makes sense. At a minimum, this should be a day’s worth, as it allows you some great time to locate dog food at your destination. Putting it in a reusable and waterproof bag helps keep it fresh.

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