Best travel crates for large dogs while traveling

Are you a traveling professional who wants to take your lovely pet with you? Or perhaps just the kind of person who can’t leave their furry dog behind? If so, you may want to check out soft dog crates. There are several benefits to owning a collapsible dog crate, and if you are the right kind of person with your furry dog you might want to make the leap and buy one right now.

But first, let us look at some benefits and facts that you can determine if one of these best travel crates for large dogs is right for you.

Benefits of getting travel crates for dogs

  • Soft dog crates are generally collapsible.
  • Making for easy storage.
  • They are very light-weight.
  • You’ll also find that they’re suitable for clumsy puppies or dogs recovering from pain or surgery who might get injured themselves in a wire or plastic crate.
  • Soft dog crate will take less effort for you to move around.
  • Most of the crates will have high visibility and superior ventilation and making your dog feel secure and ensure that they have fresh air.
  • They’re soft, which has obvious plus points for your canine’s comfort.

How to choose a perfect crate for traveling with your dog?

Before we get to some of our recommendations, here are some facts to consider when selecting a travel crate:

  1. Size  It should be big enough for your furry dog to sit, stand, and turn around in, but small enough to keep them secure. Generally, travel crates should be no greater than six inches longer than your furry pet.
  2. Style  Soft-sided travel crates are best for airplane carry-on. Heavy-duty plastic or luggage-grade nylon crates are great for cars.
  3. Safety – However you plan for traveling with your lovely dog, their crate should protect them and safeguard them from potential accidents.
  4. Situation – Some crates are good for air travel, while others are suitable for car travel. That’s why we have separated out our recommendations below.

Best dog travel crates for the car

Your dog should always be controlled or restrained in the car, whether with a seatbelt or travel crate. We recommend opting a product that’s been crash-tested by the Center for Pet Safety.

If you are headed on traveling with your dog in a car this summer, these dog travel crates for the car could be your best bet.

Sleepypod Mobile Pet Bed


One of the great dog travel crates on the market. The Sleepypod combines the functions of hard-sided and soft-sided crates for a car-friendly, dog-friendly travel experience.


  • Made from luggage-grade nylon that has been tested for safety and strength.
  • Has Velcro positioning points for safe and secure seat belt attachment.
  • Tall dome allows your pet to stand, look out, and enjoy the ride.

Gunner Kennels Dog Crate

It may look hard and tough. That’s because the dog crate is. The Gunner Kennel is made from heavy-duty and double-walled molded plastic. It is very protective of your dog.


  • One of the great dog crates for large dogs.
  • Rubber grip feet and Strength-rated connection straps for crash safety.
  • Dual-locking door that provides comfortable and structural support and security.

Gen7 Commuter


This soft-sided and shoulder-carry style dog travel crate works in cars and airplanes. It uses your car’s existing seatbelt with heavy-duty latches to keep the dog crate in place. And, it is made from industrial-grade nylon with heavy-duty hardware and built to hold its structure and last a lifetime.


  • Mesh windows.
  • Machine-washable pad keeps your dog comfortable.
  • Approved for use on most of the airlines, so it pulls double duty from car to plane.

Best dog travel crates for airplane travel

Flying with your dog can be tough and stressful, but the right plane carrier can make a difference. Our top picks are all designed to fit the requirements of the airlines.

Sleepypod Air In-Cabin Pet Carrier


The second Sleepypod is custom-built for air travel. It contracts to fit comfortably in the space below most airline seats during takeoff and landing and can be expanded while in the air to provide your dog more space.


  • Soft, fleecy padding keeps your dog comfortable.
  • Pass-through pocket enabling attach it to your roller luggage as you walk through the airport.
  • The top and ends open for easier access to your pet.

Sherpa Deluxe Pet Carrier


This simple and classic dog travel crate could be the best crate alternative for your dog.


  • Spring wire frame enables flexibility to fit under the seat.
  • Padded, no-slip and adjustable strap for easy carrying.
  • Mesh windows.

Prefer Pets Premium Pet Carrier Backpack


Designed with your lovely pet’s and your need and comfort in mind, this backpack is very comfortable and easy to carry and airline-approved.


  • Can be carried backpack-style, by hand or over the shoulder.
  • Durable mesh covered windows provide ventilation, while covers provide your pet some privacy.

Your dog deserves the best, and these highly portable and crates are the way to go if you’re on the move a lot. Save space and offer a great environment for your dogs, with reasonable pricing and a bevy of features there’s no reason for the busy dog owner to not make this useful investment in one of these excellent soft dog crates.

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